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For Physicians

How to refer a patient for an in-office consultation?

You can call us directly with patient information and reason for referral or fax the pertinent information to the office. If an authorization is required by patient’s insurance, please also include the authorization with the referral. Please also fax any relevant medical records, in particular, doctor’s progress note or history & physicals, recent laboratory results or x-ray’s and medication list, if available.


How quickly can a new patient obtain an appointment?

Due to the volume of new referrals we receive, we try to review all available records to prioritize scheduling based on urgency of need. However, if needed, we are able to provide evaluation within 24 hours. Generally, a routine evaluation is scheduled within 3-4 weeks and a more urgent evaluation is scheduled within 1-2 weeks.


Will consultation reports be sent to the referring provider?

Our office fully utilizes an electronic medical record system. Therefore, all our consultation reports for initial visits or subsequent follow up visits will be sent to the referring provider usually on the same date patient is seen or within 24 hours.


At what hospitals will consultations be provided?

Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, Saint Mary Medical Center, Los Alamitos Medical Center, Kindred Hospital Westminster, College Medical Center Long Beach.

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